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Adrian KC Lee, ScD

Director, Laboratory for Auditory Brain Sciences and Neuroengineering

Associate Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS), University of Washington

Director, UW Center for Auditory Neuroimaging

Faculty Member, Graduate Program in Neurobiology & Behavior

Affiliate Faculty, Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center

Adjunct Faculty, Electrical Engineering

Address: Portage Bay Bldg. Room 206,
University of Washington, Box 357988, Seattle, WA 98195-7988, USA


09.06.2015: Adrian KC Lee will be presenting "Biosignal acquisition and analysis for speech production and perception: EMG, EEG, and MEG" and "Flexible tracking of auditory attention" at the Interspeech 2015 conference in Dresden, Germany

06.22.2015: 2nd Frederick Jelinek Memorial Summer Workshop on "Probablistic Transcription of Languages with no native-Language Transcibers" at the University of Washington June 22- Aug 14

06.13.2015: Adrian KC Lee will be presenting "In Search of Neural Correlate of Audio-Visual Binding" at the 16th International Multisensory Research Forum

06.01.2015: In press: McCloy D, AKC Lee. “Auditory attention strategy depends on target linguistic properties and spatial configuration.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America.

05.27.2015: In press: Wronkiewicz, M, E Larson, AKC Lee. “Leveraging anatomical information to improve transfer learning in brain-computer interfaces.” Journal of Neural Engineering.

05.20.2015: Published: Maddox, RK, H Atilgan, J Bizley, AKC Lee (2015). “Auditory selective attention is enhanced by a task-irrelevant temporally coherent visual stimulus in human listeners.” eLife, 4:e04995. PMC4337603.

04.17.2015: Published: Sacchet, M, R LaPlante, Q Wan, D Pritchett, AKC Lee, M Hämäläinen, C Moore, C Kerr, and S R Jones (2015). “Attention Drives Synchronization of Alpha and Beta Rhythms Between Right Inferior Frontal and Primary Sensory Neocortex.” Journal of Neuroscience, 35:2074-2082. PMC4315835.

09.30.2014: Accepted: Larson, E, RK Maddox, AKC Lee (2014). “Improving spatial localization in MEG inverse imaging by leveraging intersubject anatomical differences,” Frontiers in Neuroscience, 8: Article 330. doi: 10.3389/fnins.2014.00330

03.13.2014: Published: Maddox, RK, DA Pospisil, GC Stecker, AKC Lee. "Directing Eye Gaze Enhances Auditory Spatial Cue Discrimination," Current Biology.

02.27.2014: In press: Larson, E, AKC Lee (2014). "Potential use of MEG to understand abnormalities in auditory function in clinical populations," Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. (Invited Perspective)

02.08.2014: Invited keynote talk at the 1st International Symposium on Innovative Paediatric Hearing Science, Lake Como, Italy, June 4, 2014.

02.04.2014: Published: Bharadwaj, HM, AKC Lee, BG Shinn-Cunningham (2014). "Measuring auditory selective attention using frequency tagging," Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience, 8: Article6.

12.05.2013: Invited keynote speaker at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University.

09.26.2013: Accepted: Larson E, AKC Lee. "Switching auditory attention using spatial and non-spatial features recruits different cortical networks," Neuroimage.

09.17.2013: Began a 5-year NIH-NIDCD project, entitled "Cortical Dynamics of Auditory Attention" (R01DC013260).

09.17.2013: Became Director of UW Center for Auditory Neuroimaging.

06.27.2013: Invited Review Accepted: Lee AKC, E Larson, R Maddox, B Shinn-Cunningham (2013). “Using neuroimaging to understand the cortical mechanisms of auditory selective attention,” Hearing Research.

06.25.2013: Accepted: Wronkiewicz M, E Larson, AKC Lee (2013). “Developing a region-of-interest brain-state classifier informed by multiple neuroimaging techniques,” Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA, November 9-13, 2013.

06.21.2013: Now in press: Larson E and AKC Lee. “Influence of preparation time and pitch separation in switching of auditory attention between streams,” JASA Express Letters.

04.10.2013: Accepted: Wronkiewicz M, E Larson, AKC Lee (2013). "Towards a next-generation hearing aid through brain state classification and modeling," IEEE-EMBS, Osaka, July 3-7, 2013. (Symposium co-organizer, Neural Engineering in Speech & Hearing)

02.01.2013: Invited talk at International Symposium on Cognitive Neuroscience Robotics, Seattle, USA.

01.07.2013: New feature article appeared in Audilogy Today: Lee, AKC, M Drews, RK Maddox, E Larson (2013). “Brain Imaging, Neural Engineering Research, and Next-Generation Hearing Aid Design,” Audiology Today, 25(1): 40-47. [PDF]

12.27.2012: New article accepted. Manoach DS, Lee AKC, Hämäläinen MS, Dyckman KA, Friedman JS, Vangel M, Goff DC, Barton JJS. "Anomalous use of context during task preparation in schizophrenia: a magnetoencephalography study." Biological Psychiatry.

12.16.2012: New article accepted. Lee, AKC, Rajaram S, Xia J, Bharadwaj H, Larson E, Hämäläinen M, Shinn-Cunningham BG. "Auditory selective attention reveals preparatory activity in different cortical regions for selection based on source location and source pitch." Frontiers in Neuroscience.

12.15.2012 Jessie Zhang, NSF-YSP scholar in [LABS]N and now a freshman at UW, wrote a very insightful essay entitled, An Introspective Look at Neurodiversity. This is now published on the UW-CSNE Outreach website. Well done!

11.20.2012: Congrats to Dr. Eric Larson for receiving his NIH-NRSA postdoctoral fellowship.

10.24.2012: Now in press: Lee, AKC, E Larson, RD Maddox. "Mapping the cortical dynamics involved in auditory attention using simultaneous MEG/EEG and anatomically-constrained minimum-norm estimates." Journal of the Visualized Experiments.

9.20.2012: [LABS]N welcomes Mark Wronkiewicz, an NSF-GRFP scholar and a UW-NEUBEH student, for joining our lab in his lab rotation.

09.19.2012: Now in press: Maddox, RK, W Cheung, AKC Lee (in press). "Selective attention in an overcrowded auditory scene: implications for auditory-based brain-computer interface design." Journal of the Acoustical Society of America—Express Letters.

09.10.2012: Layman's article, titled "Brain attending a cocktail party: A special session discussing cortical neuroimaging techniques" on brainimaging appearing on the ASA Echoes Fall issue. [PDF]

09.03.2012: Now in press: Larson, E, AKC Lee. "The cortical dynamics underlying effective switching of auditory spatial attention." Neuroimage.

08.24.2012: Now in ?production?: Lee, AKC , E Larson, RD Maddox. "Mapping the cortical dynamics involved in auditory attention using simultaneous MEG/EEG and anatomically-constrained minimum-norm estimates." Journal of the Visualized Experiments.

08.03.2012: Now in press: Bizley J, B Shinn-Cunningham, AKC Lee. "Nothing is irrelevant in a noisy world: Sensory illusions reveal obligatory within-and across-modality integration." Journal of Neuroscience.

06.12.2012: Invited talk at Microsoft Research Redmond on neuroengineering and brain dynamics (MSR video).

06.11.2012: Undergraduate student in [LABS]N, Jon Mount, just received an NSF-REU award from UW-CSNE to conduct research in endogenous / exogenous auditory attention.

06.11.2012: [LABS]N welcomes summer students Dean Pospisil (a recent graduate from the Claremont Colleges); Derek Nhan and Michelle Drews (UW Computational Neuroscience Training Program, Year 4); Christa Dodson (SPHSC Year 4); Jessi Zhang (NSF-YSP/UW-CSNE) joining our laboratory.

05.16.2012: Invited talk at Beijing's BIT's 3rd Annual World Congress of NeuroTalk-2012 on Brain Computer Interface.

04.05.2012: Funding awarded from UW NSF CSNE in a joint project with UW-EE Prof. Les Atlas, titled "How Modern High-Bandwidth Communications Theory Can Revolutionize Neural Engineering."

03.29.2012: Invited talk at the UW Physiology and Biophysics Department seminar series.

03.14.2012: [LABS]N just received funding from The Royal Society, UK, to participate in their International Exchange program. Together with our collaborator, Dr. Jennifer Bizley at UCL Ear Institute, we will be starting a project entitled "Determining neural mechanisms of audio-visual integration: a multiscale approach."

01.11.2012: Awarded the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Research Program (AFOSR-YIP) grant. Project titled "An integrated neuroscience and engineering approach to classifying human brain-states."

11.22.2011: Invited talk at Neuroscience Department Seminar, University of Connecticut Health Center.

11.17.2011: Affiliate faculty appointment: Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center.

11.10.2011: Invited talk at Audiology and Speech Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

9.16.2011: Elliot Saba joins [LABS]N as a graduate student from UW-EE. He will be exploring new signal processing analytical tools to better describe brain dynamics (co-supervised by Prof. Les Atlas at UW-EE).

9.16/19.2011: Invited talk at the UCL Ear Institute, London and the Oxford Auditory Neuroscience Group, Oxford, UK.

9.9.2011: Now in press: Agam Y, MS Hämäläinen, AKC Lee, K Dyckman, J Friedman, M Isom, N Makris, DS Manoach. "Multimodal neuroimaging dissociates hemodynamic and electrophysiological correlates of error processing." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

9.1.2011: [LABS]N welcomes Sara Chai and Mihwa Kim (SPHSC AuD students) as research assistants.

7.21.2011: Invited talk at the Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland, Australia, as part of the NSF-Australian Science of Learning meeting and the Symposium on Attention and Learning.

7.20.2011: Recent faculty affiliation at the UW NSF Engineering Research Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering. Read more on the UW media release about this 18.5-million-effort to create mind-machine interface.

7.19.2011: Now in press: Dyckman, KA, AKC Lee, Y Agam, M Vangel, D Goff, JJ Barton, DS Manoach. "Abnormally persistent fMRI activation during antisaccades in schizophrenia: a neural correlate of perseveration?" Schizophrenia Research.

7.8.2011: Invited talk at the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center Board of Trustees meeting.

7.1.2011: Adjunct faculty appointment: UW Electrical Engineering.

6.28.2011: Eric Laron's paper accepted for the 5th International BCI Conference 2011. See you in Graz, Austria!

6.27.2011: [LABS]N welcomes Ayoub Daliri (SPHSC grad student) from Max Lab and Willy Cheung (UW-CSE) from Rao Lab.

6.13.2011: [LABS]N welcomes Hye-In Kim (CSE, Year 4); Ka Young Lee (SPHSC honors student, Year 4); Angela Liu (pre-engineering major); Jonathan Mount (high school senior @Thomas Jefferson High School) for their summer internships.

6.1.2011: Ross Maddox joins [LABS]N as Postdoctoral Fellow.

6.1.2011: Faculty appointment: UW Graduate Program in Neurobiology & Behavior.

5.24.2011: Invited talk as discussant in a special session (SC & PP) entitled "Technological, methodological and Theoretical Advances in Neuroimaging and Speech Perception" at the 161st Acoustics Society of America Meeting in Seattle.

5.15.2011: Congratulations to Sid Rajaram for winning equal 2nd prize on his paper + poster presentation at the 8th NFSI and ICBEM meeting in Banff: Rajaram, S, H Bharadwaj, BG Shinn-Cunningham, AKC Lee (2011). "Cortical functional connectivity inference using MEG" (paper) and Rajaram, S, H Bharadwaj, BG Shinn-Cunningham, AKC Lee (2011). "Comparing coherence and phase-locking value as measures of functional connectivity." (Poster)

5.6.2011: Invited talk at the UW Linguistics Colloquium.

3.18.2011: Invited talk at the Osaka-UW Joint Workshop on Cognitive Robotics and Brain-Computer Interfaces.

1.1.2011: Eric Larson joins [LABS]N as Postdoctoral Fellow.

12.21.2010: New lab website testing.

11.4.2010: Invited talk at the National Acoustic Laboratories, Sydney, Australia.

10.22.2010: Invited talk at CELEST Workshop on the Hardware and Software of Functional Connections.

7.20.2010: Presentation at the National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship Conference.

6.21.2010: Invited talk at the Multimodal Imaging Laboratory, Departments of Neurosciences and Radiology at UCSD.

5.19.2010: Symposium proposal, titled "The Auditory Brain Beyond A1" has been accepted by the program committee for inclusion at the 2011 ARO Mid-Winter meeting. Barbara Shinn-Cunningham and I look forward to co-chair this symposium featuring speakers such as Charles Schroeder (Columbia University), Steve Yantis (Johns Hopkins University), Mikko Sams (University of Helsinki), Jonathan Fritz (University of Maryland) and Maurizio Corbetta (Washington University).

4.15.2010: I accepted a tenure-track appointment as Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences in association with the Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences (I-LABS) at the University of Washington. I will officially become a Huskie from January 2011 and I look forward to start my new laboratory: Laboratory for Auditory Brain Sciences & Neuroengineering [LABS]N in the Pacific Northwest.


3.17.2010: Inivited talk: “Auditory attention: More than meets the Eye,” Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, University of Washington.

3.15.2010: Now in press: Lee, AKC, MS Hämäläinen, KA Dyckman, JJS Barton, DS Manoach (in press). "Saccadic preparation in frontal eye field is modulated by distinct trial history effects as revealed by magnetoencephalography." Cerebral Cortex.