Andrew J. Ko

Associate Professor

The Information School

Computer Science & Engr. (adjunct)

University of Washington

Box 352840

Seattle, WA 98195

ajko | @ | uw | edu

Mary Gates Hall 015E

Chief Scientist + Co-Founder


Winter 2016
On sabbatical, learning things
Office hours by appt

Play Gidget, our new debugging game!

AnswerDash is a spinout of Parmit Chilana's work on LemonAid, serving instant contextual answers in web applications.

New NSF project! Variations to Support Exploratory Programming

interested in research?

I'm actively recruiting students at all levels who are interested in human-computer interaction, software engineering and related topics. My research tends to move quickly and involves both studies of topics in HCI and SE, as well as new technologies in these fields.

However, before writing me, save us both some time and read below.

current UW undergrad and masters students

Are you interested in research and getting a Ph.D., or think you might be? E-mail me to schedule a 30 minute appointment, including the following details:

  • Why me? There are lots of great faculty in the iSchool and at UW. Why do you want to work with me specifically? Is there some interest you have related to my recent publications?
  • Are you interested graduate school? I get many requests from students to join my lab as a way of acquiring software development skills. Doing research is a great way to prepare for a Ph.D. program, but it's not a very good way to practice developing or designing software. In research, we build software first and foremost to answer research questions, which means the software is often buggy, unstable, and unusable in all ways except the ones pertinent to our research questions. Are you more interested in building software for someone to use or inventing new things or discovering new knowledge?
  • Your background and skills. Can you code? Send me a link to something you've built. Can you interview? Send me a transcript. Are you a great technical writer? Send a sample. These will help me know if there are any projects that you might be able to contribute to.

prospective Ph.D. students

Apply to the iSchool or CSE and work with me as part of dub! If you have a specific question about my research, feel free to write. My web site tends to lag at least 6 months behind my most current work, so it's always worth asking what my lab is up to.

summer interns

At the moment, I'm not recruiting students outside of the University of Washington.