Homework 5 - Assessing expressiveness

Andrew J. Ko

In homework 4, you worked hard to enumerate the limitations of a user interface technology. This week, I want you to leverage that knowledge of limitations to assess the expressive limits of the same technology. To find the expressive limits of an interface, you must essentially generate as many ideas about how the interface technology might be used, trying to find the boundaries of what can and cannot be done with it.

To illustrate, consider Apple's collection of FaceID technologies, which I discussed in the last homework. To find it's expressive limits, I need to brainstorm as many possible ideas within the technology's limitations. The ideas don't have to be good, they just have to be feasible within the limits of the technology. Here I go!

Phew! That was 15 ideas in 15 minutes.

Your task

Your task is to take the interface technology you've been analyzing and ideate at least 15 distinct ways of using it to create new experiences. You can share ideas that already exist in the world; you don't have to be the one with the idea yourself. But that can be more fun.

Your submission should just be a single sentence describing the technology and then a bulleted list of the 15 ideas.


This homework is worth 5 points. You get 0.33 points for each distinct and plausibly feasible idea.