Homework 2 - Extracting insights

Andrew J. Ko

To make use of research ideas about user interfaces, you have to be able to understand the ideas, including how an idea works and more importantly, why it works. Learning this isn't always as straightforward as watching a demo or reading a research abstract: sometimes it requires more deliberate reading of an entire paper, and sometimes it's not stated at all, requiring some interpretation. Therefore, the skill of reading a paper is key.

In this homework, you'll practice this reading skill. Your task is simple:

  1. From the list of papers you generated in the last homework, select three papers that you're interested in understanding more deeply.
  2. Summarize each as follows:

Submit to Canvas three paragraphs (one for each of your three papers), along with a citation for each paper.

Based on past years, this task task anywhere from 2-5 hours. If it's on the shorter end, it's either because you chose some papers near your expertise or skimmed them. You'll only hit the higher end if you hit some dead ends or have trouble accessing a document. It shouldn't take more than 60 minutes per paper to extract these two pieces of information and summarize them for an audience of your peers.


This homework is worth 5 points: