Andrew J. Ko

Associate Professor

The Information School

Computer Science & Engr. (adjunct)

University of Washington

Box 352840

Seattle, WA 98195

ajko | @ | uw | edu

Mary Gates Hall 015E

Chief Scientist + Co-Founder


Winter 2016
On sabbatical, learning things
Office hours by appt

Play Gidget, our new debugging game!

AnswerDash is a spinout of Parmit Chilana's work on LemonAid, serving instant contextual answers in web applications.

New NSF project! Variations to Support Exploratory Programming


Watch the Crystal video! 

Many applications help users learn how to use new features, but few actually help users understand what's happened when things go wrong, nor how to fix it.

Crystal is application framework (written in Java and using the Swing toolkit) that extends the work of the Whyline, enabling the creation of software applications that allow users to ask questions about their data and the application's state.

For demonstration, we've implemented a word processor with Crystal that allows users to asky "Why 'teh' change to 'the'?" and "Why is this whitespace here?" You can see a demo of it in the video.