Credit: Andrew J. Ko

User Interface Software and Technology

Andrew J. Ko with contributions from Eric Whitmire

The HCI community has a long history of innovation in user interface software and technologies, but there are few surveys or review of all of this research. This book attempts to summarize much of this knowledge, providing a living online textbook for UX designers, researchers, and design-literate developers to learn from and leverage this ever-expanding body of knowledge.

I hope you enjoy! If not, please file an issue on the the book's GitHub repository.

Chapter 1. A history of user interfaces
Chapter 2. A theory of user interfaces
Chapter 3. What interfaces mediate
Chapter 4. Declarative interfaces
Chapter 5. Interactive interfaces
Chapter 6. Architecture
Chapter 7. Accessibility
Chapter 8. Pointing
Chapter 9. Text entry
Chapter 10. Hand-based input
Chapter 11. Body-based input
Chapter 12. 2D visual output
Chapter 13. 3D visual output
Chapter 14. Physical output
Chapter 15. Help
Chapter 16. Intellectual property
Chapter 17. Technology transfer

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