ASTR 425: Cosmology

  • Lecture 1 slides:
    WMAP fluctuations
    SDSS galaxy survey slices
    Density fluctuations versus scale
    Distribution of radio sources on sky
    Galaxy number counts versus magnitude
    Density fluctuations on different scales (not shown in class)
    Hubble diagram from supernovae
  • Lecture 3 slide:
    Supernova redshift (4th page of this paper)
  • 1/29/07 Lecture slides:
    Cosmic radiation background
    WMAP parameters
    a of t for benchmark model
  • 1/31/07 Lecture slide:
    Cosmic Triangle
    Supernova redshift-distance diagram - evidence for past cosmic deceleration and recent cosmic acceleration
    Globular cluster CMD
  • Dark matter lectures slides:
    Widest gravitational lens
    WIMP Number Density
  • CMB recombination lecture:
    CMB blackbody spectrum
    Ionization history of the Universe
  • CMB fluctuations lecture:
    Horizon angular scale versus Omegas
    Examples of Spherical Harmonics
    WMAP map of CMB
    WMAP Power Spectrum
    WMAP constraints on Omegas
  • BBN lecture slides:
    This link contains a link to the PDF of an article with plots used in the lecture
  • Interesting websites: Cosmology Calculator Ned Wright's Paper on Cosmology Calculator
  • Final grades
    Eric Agol (agol AT