The University of Washington Guatemala Project
The University of Washington Guatemala Project is a youth empowerment project administered jointly by students and faculty at the University of Washington, and young people and their mentors in the Movimiento de Trabajadores Campesinos, MTC, a Guatemalan NGO. It is a novel approach to “development” based on youth participation, empowerment, and transnational solidarity.
Students who participate in Prof. Godoy’s study abroad course in Guatemala have the opportunity to engage firsthand with the project’s activities in Guatemala. Other members of the UW community are also active participants by supporting our work in Seattle.
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Large photo above: As part of Prof. Godoy’s study abroad course, UW students participate in the creation of a Mayan altar with members of the MTC’s Youth Council in San Marcos, Guatemala, September 2006.
Smaller photo: UW students join hands with their Guatemalan counterparts at the conclusion of the project workshop in San Marcos.