Postdoctoral position in BioMEMS and Neural Engineering

A postdoctoral research position is available for various in-vitro, lab-on-a-chip studies of axon guidance, synapse formation (synaptogenesis), and/or patch clamp electrophysiology. Our laboratory uses micropatterning and microfluidic technologies to address neurobiology questions that require the interrogation of large numbers of cells simultaneously. In particular, we are interested in controlling the microfluidic environment of cultured cells on a cellular and sub-cellular scale. Other areas of study involve neutrophils and fibroblasts for high-throughput screening assays with the goal of applying the results to neuronal cells.

Candidates should have a Ph.D. degree with expertise and interests in one or more of the following: neurobiology (preferrably, including neuron culture, electrophysiology), general cell biology (preferrably, including cell culture, molecular biology techniques), and/or electrical/mechanical/chemical/biomedical engineering (preferrably, including microfabrication).

If interested, please send/e-mail curriculum vitae, names and email addresses of three references, and a summary of research experience and interests to:

Albert Folch
University of Washington
Department of Bioengineering
Campus Box 355061
Seattle, WA 98195