Arthur Fine
Ongoing Research Projects

. I continue to study the philosophical concerns that animated Einstein, particularly concerns that were influenced by his contributions to and reservations over the quantum theory. That includes considering whether, and in what sense, there is a lasting contribution to philosophy of science that is identifiably Einstein’s.

Interpreting the Quantum. Studies on current options for interpreting the quantum theory, including:
a fresh look at the classical no-go theorems, quantum entanglement and what "requires" explanation in science, and the composition of independent quantum systems in epistemic-realist treatments of the quantum state.These studies point to limitations on classical intuition in modeling or interpreting quantum theory.

Science and Philosophical Isms continues the work of NOA as
an historically grounded and pragmatic attitude to science that highlights the shortcomings of global philosophical positions, like realism. The work includes critical studies on Poincaré and contemporary versions of structural realism, on relativism and foundationalism, and a sympathetic treatment of the robust instrumentalism of John Dewey.