Journal of World Prehistory

Issues already published


Vol. 1, No. 1 (1987)

Neolithic settlement patterns in temperate Europe: progess and problems, by Alasdair Whittle

Prehistoric hunters and gatherers of Brazil, by Pedro Ignacio Schmitz


Vol. 1, No. 2

The archaeology of radiocarbon accelerator dating, by J.A.J. Gowlett

The prehistory of Island Southeast Asia: a multidisciplinary review of recent research, by Peter Bellwood


Vol. 1, No. 3

The Mesolithic of Western Europe, by T. Douglas Price

Neolithic cultures of the Ukraine and adjacent areas and their chronology, by D.J. Telegin


Vol. 1, No. 4

Advances in the archaeology of Pampa and Patagonia, by Luis Abel Orquera

Lower and Middle Paleolithic of northern Asia: achievements, problems and perspectives, by Vitaliy Larichev, Uriy Khol'ushkin and Inna Laricheva


Vol. 2, No. 1 (1988)

Late Pleistocene human adaptations in eastern North America, by David J. Meltzer

Functional analysis of prehistoric flint tools by high-power microscopy: a review of West European research, by Helle Juel Jensen

From stone to metal: new perspectives on the later prehistory of West Africa, by Susan Keech McIntosh and Roderick J. McIntosh


Vol. 2, No. 2

The Predynastic of Egypt, by Fekri A. Hassan

The archaeology of the Spanish contact period in the Caribbean, by Kathleen Deagan


Volume 2, No. 3

The Middle Stone Age of East Africa and the beginnings of regional identity, by J. Desmond Clark

The Woodland and Mississippian traditions in the prehistory of Midwestern North America, by Richard W. Yerkes


Volume 2, No. 4

The Upper Palaeolithic of northern Asia, achievements, problems and perspectives: Part I - Western Siberia, by Vitaliy Larichev, Uriy Khol'ushkin and Inna Laricheva

The Chalcolithic period in the Levant, by Isaac Gilead

Early agriculture and sedentism in the American Southwest: evidence and interpretations, by W.H. Wills


Volume 3, No. 1 (1989)

Archaeology and Maya writing, by Stephen D. Houston

Middle Pleistocene adaptations in Central Europe, by Jiri Svoboda

The Stone Age of northern Scandinavia: a review, by Signe E. Nygaard


Volume 3, No. 2

The Archaic period in the south-central Andes, by Mark S. Aldenderfer

The Natufian: settlement variability and economic adaptations in the Levant at the end of the Pleistocene, by Brian F. Byrd

Intentional human burial: Middle Paleolithic (Last Glaciation) beginnings, by Yuri Smirnov


Volume 3, No. 3

The later prehistory of mainland Southeast Asia, by Charles Higham

The Middle-Upper Paleolithic transition in southeastern Central Europe (Czechoslovakia and Hungary), by Jiri Svoboda and Katalin Siman

The Magdalenian in Western Central Europe: settlement pattern and regionality, by Gerd-C. Weniger


Volume 3, No. 4

Prehistory of Chihuahua and Sonora, Mexico, by David A. Phillips, Jr.

Neolithic economy in Central Europe, by Sarunas Milisauskas and Janusz Kruk

The origins of sedentism and farming communities in the Levant, by Ofer Bar-Yosef and Anna Belfer-Cohen


Volume 4, No. 1 (1990)

The late prehistoric Cahokia cultural system of the Mississippi River valley: foundations, florescence and fragmentation, by George R. Milner

The Lower Paleolithic of Spain and Portugal, by Manuel Santonja and Paola Villa

The late Upper Paleolithic of Italy: an overview, by Amilcare Bietti


Volume 4, No. 2

Measured domestication rates in wild wheats and barley under primitive cultivation, and their archaeological implications, by Gordon C. Hillman and M. Stuart Davies

The Hohokam of the American Southwest, by Patricia L. Crown


Volume 4, No. 3

The Mesolithic of southern Scandinavia, by Lars Larsson

The evolution of socio-political complexity in prehistoric Hawaii: an assessment of the archaeological evidence, by Patrick V. Kirch

The Upper Palaeolithic of northern Asia: achievements, problems, and perspectives. II. Central and eastern Siberia, by Vitaliy Larichev, Uriy Khol'ushkin and Inna Laricheva


Volume 4, No. 4

Multiple pathways to farming in precontact eastern North America, by Gayle J. Fritz

Iron Age temperate Europe: some current research issues, by Peter S. Wells


Volume 5, No. 1 (1991)

The prehistory of northern Chile: a synthesis, by Mario A. Rivera

The Pastoral Neolithic of East Africa, by John Bower

Epipaleolithic and Mesolithic adaptations in Cantabrian Spain and Pyrenean France, by Lawrence Guy Straus


Volume 5, No. 2

The Upper Paleolithic period in the Levant, by Isaac Gilead

The status of phytolith analysis in the American tropics, by Dolores R. Piperno


Volume 5, No. 3

Late Pleistocene mammalian extinctions in North America: taxonomy, chronology and explanations, by Donald K. Grayson

The transition to farming in eastern and northern Europe, by Marek Zvelebil and Paul M. Dolukhanov

The evolution of early Egyptian civilization: issues and evidence, by Robert J. Wenke


Volume 5, No. 4

The Indus Valley tradition of Pakistan and western India, by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer

Late Preceramic Peru, by Jeffrey Quilter

Recent British research on prehistoric territorial boundaries, by D.A. Spratt


Volume 6, No. 1 (1992)

Prehistoric nearshore and littoral fishing in the eastern tropical Pacific: an ichthyological evaluation, by Richard Cooke

Emergence of complex society in prehistoric Korea, by Song-nai Rhee and Mong-lyong Choi

The Neolithic of the Eastern Baltic, by Rimute Rimantiene


Volume 6, No. 2

Earliest hunters and gatherers of South America, by Tom D. Dillehay, Gerardo Ardila Calderón, Gustavo Politis and Maria da Conceicao de Moraes Coutinho Beltrâo

Early Upper Paleolithic industries of Eastern Europe, by Mikhail Anikovich

Bone stable isotope studies in archaeology, by Margaret J. Schoeninger and Katherine Moore


Volume 6, No. 3

Bureaucrats and managers, peasants and pastoralists, imperialists and traders: research on the Uruk and Jemdet Nasr periods in Mesopotamia, by Susan Pollock

The Late Paleolithic of the Yenisei: a new outline, by Sergey A. Vasil'ev


Volume 6, No. 4

The Middle Stone Age south of the Limpopo River, by Anne I. Thackeray

The Upper Paleolithic of northern Asia: achievements, problems, and perspectives. III. Northeastern Siberia and the Russian Far East, by Vitaliy Larichev, Uriy Khol'ushkin and Inna Laricheva


Volume 7, No. 1 (1993)

The center and the edge: archaeology in Belize, 1809-1992, by David M. Pendergast

Late Postclassic Lowland Maya archaeology, by Anthony P. Andrews

Monongahela subsistence-settlement change: the late prehistoric period in the lower Upper Ohio River valley, by John P. Hart


Volume 7, No. 2

Settlement and social change in Central Europe, 3500-1500 BC, by Stephen J. Shennan

The late prehistoric, protohistoric and early historic periods in Eastern Arabia (ca. 5000-1200 B.C.), by D.T. Potts

Prehistory of the Upper Yenisei area (southern Siberia), by Sergey A. Vasil'ev and Vladimir A. Semenov


Volume 7, No. 3

The Pleistocene Later Stone Age south of the Limpopo River, by Lyn Wadley

The cultures of the eighth and seventh millennia BP in the southern Levant: a review for the 1990s, by Avi Gopher and Ram Gophna


Volume 7, No. 4

The Greek Neolithic: a new review, by Jean-Paul Demoule and Catherine Perlès

The culture history of Madagascar, by Robert E. Dewar and Henry T. Wright


Volume 8, No. 1 (1994)

Ford revisited: a critical review of the chronology and relationships of the earliest ceramic complexes in the New World, 6000-1500 B.C., by John W. Hoopes

Innovation, diffusion and culture contact: the Holocene archaeology of Ghana, by Ann Brower Stahl


Volume 8, No. 2

Nomads of the Desert West: a shifting continuum in prehistory, by Steadman Upham

The Upper Paleolithic of the Russian steppe zone, by Natalia B. Leonova


Volume 8, No. 3

The Lower Paleolithic in the Near East, by O. Bar-Yosef

Technological responses to risk in Holocene Australia, by Peter Hiscock

Prehistory in the northwest Tropical Pacific: the Caroline, Mariana and Marshall Islands, by Paul Rainbird


Volume 8, No. 4

The Pleistocene art of Asia, by Robert G. Bednarik

The prehistory of Cyprus: problems and prospects, by A. Bernard Knapp (with Steve O. Held and Sturt W. Manning)


Volume 9, No. 1 (1995)

Reflections on North American Pacific Coast prehistory, by Madonna L. Moss and Jon M. Erlandson

The Pre-Roman Iron Age in Britain and Ireland (c. 800 B.C. to A.D. 100): an overview, by J. D. Hill

The Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of the Lake Baikal region: a review of recent research, by Andrzej Weber


Volume 9, No. 2

Anatomy, behavior, and modern human origins, by Richard G. Klein

The Virgin Anasazi, far western Puebloans, by Margaret M. Lyneis

The late prehistory of Xinjiang in relation to its neighbors, by Kwang-tzuu Chen and Fredrik T. Hiebert


Volume 9, No. 3

Chiefdoms in northern South America, by Robert D. Drennan

Population growth, climatic cooling, and the development of collector strategies on the southern Plateau, western North America, by James C. Chatters


Volume 9, No. 4

Holocene prehistory of the northernmost North Pacific, by Don E. Dumond and Richard L. Bland

The prehistory of the Austronesian-speaking peoples: a view from language, by Robert Blust


Volume 10, No. 1 (1996)

Hunting strategies in the Late Glacial of Northern Europe: a survey of the faunal evidence, by Bodil Bratlund

The study of collector variability in the transition to sedentary food producers in northern Colombia, by Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo


Volume 10, No. 2

The Formative Period on the south coast of Peru: a critical review, by Helaine Silverman

Human biology in the Classic Maya collapse: evidence from paleopathology and paleodiet, by Lori E. Wright and Christine D. White

Tripolye Culture: centenary of research, by Vladimir G. Zbenovich


Volume 10, No. 3

Foreign countries: the development of ethnoarchaeology in sub-Saharan Africa, by Scott MacEachern

The Archaic prehistory of the North American Southwest, by Bruce B. Huckell

Ancestral Pueblo population aggregation and abandonment in the North American Southwest, by Michael A. Adler, Todd Van Pool and Robert D. Leonard


Volume 10, No. 4

The archaeology of Islam in sub-Saharan Africa: a review, by Timothy Insoll


Volume 11, No. 1 (1997)

Late Holocene Great Basin prehistory

Robert L. Kelly

Olmec archaeology: a half century of research and its accomplishments

David C. Grove


Volume 11, No. 2

Current issues in Chinese Neolithic archaeology

Anne P. Underhill

The Terminal Pleistocene/Early Holocene archaeology of the Great Basin

Charlotte Beck and George T. Jones

Advances in the paleopathology of Andean South America

John W. Verano


Volume 11, No. 3

The Iron Age in Mediterranean France: colonial encounters, entanglements, and transformations, by Michael Dietler


Volume 11, No. 4

Holocene Later Stone Age hunter-gatherers south of the Limpopo river, c. 10,000-2000 B.P., by Peter J. Mitchell

The transformation of the Indus civilization, by Gregory L. Possehl


Volume 12, No. 1 (1998)

Radiocarbon chronology of the Siberian Paleolithic, by Yaroslav V. Kuzmin and Lyobov A. Orlova

Southwest Arabia during the Holocene: recent archaeological developments, by Christopher Edens and T. J. Wilkinson


Volume 12, No. 2

The Upper Paleolithic in Mediterranean Spain: a review of current evidence

Valentín Villaverde, J. Emili Aura and C. Michael Barton

Cultivation history beyond the periphery: early agriculture in the North European Boreal forest

Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen, Heikki Simola and Elisabeth Grönlund


Volume 12, No. 3

The Fremont complex: a behavioral perspective

David B. Madsen and Steven R. Simms

Archaeology and the Tongan past, 2850-150 B.P.

David V. Burley


Volume 12, No. 4

Paleoethnobotany in the Neotropics from microfossils: new insights into ancient plant use and agricultural origins in the tropical forest

Dolores R. Piperno

Origin and collapse of complex societies in Oaxaca (Mexico): evaluating the era from 1965 to the present

Andrew K. Balkansky


Volume 13, No. 1 (1999)

The chronology and taphonomy of the earliest Aurignacian and its implications for the understanding of Neandertal extinction

João Zilhão and Francesco d’Errico.

The Paleolithic of Central Asia

Leonid B. Vishnyatsky



Volume 13, No. 2

A variation on a basic theme: the transition to farming in southern Central Europe

Detlef Gronenborn

Classic Lowland Maya political organization: a review

Lisa J. Lucero


Volume 13, No. 3

The prehistoric exploration and colonization of Fuego-Patagonia

Luis Alberto Borrero


Late Middle and early Upper Palaeolithic evidence from the East European Plain and Caucasus: a new look at variability, interactions, and transitions

V. Yu. Cohen and V. N. Stepanchuk



Volume 13, No. 4

Forty-two degrees south: the archaeology of Late Pleistocene Tasmania

Richard Cosgrove


The origins of the Neolithic along the Atlantic coast of continental Europe: a survey

Pablo Arias


Volume 14, No. 1

The Clactonian question: on the interpretation of core and flake assemblages in the British Lower Paleolithic

Mark J. White


The not so peaceful civilization: a review of Maya war

David Webster



Volume 14, No. 2

Into the minds of ancients: advances in Maya glyph studies

Stephen D. Houston


Volume 14, No. 3

Implications of petrographic temper analysis for Oceanian prehistory

William R. Dickinson and Richard Shutler, Jr.


Through the glass darkly: Prehispanic obsidian procurement and exchange in southern Peru and northern Bolivia

Richard L. Burger, Karen L. Mohr Chavez and Sergio J. Chavez



Volume 14, No. 4

The earliest Neolithic cultures of Northeast China: recent discoveries and new perspectives on the beginning of agriculture

Gideon Shelach


The Precontact Iroquoian occupation of southern Ontario

Gary Warrick


Volume 15, No. 1

The archaeological record of human impacts on animal populations

Donald K. Grayson


Frontiers of Contact: Bioarchaeology of Spanish Florida

Clark Spencer Larsen, Mark C. Griffin, Dale L. Hutchinson, Vivian E. Noble, Lynette Norr, Robert F. Pastor, Christopher B. Ruff, Katherine F. Russell, Margaret J. Schoeninger, Michael Schultz, Scott W. Simpson, and Mark F. Teaford



Volume 15, No. 2

An overview of Alaskan Late Pleistocene archaeology: historical themes and current perspectives

Michael R. Bever

Reassessing the developmental and chronological relationships of the Formative of coastal Ecuador

John Edward Staller


Volume 15, No. 3

The Hohokam of Southwest North America

James M. Bayman

The Casas Grandes regional system: a late prehistoric polity of northwestern Mexico

Michael E. Whalen and Paul E. Minnis


Volume 15, No. 4

Final Paleolithic and Mesolithic research in reunified Germany

Martin Street, Michael Baales, Erwin Cziesla, Sönke Hartz, Martin Heinen, Olaf Jöris, Ingrid Koch, Clemens Pasda, Thomas Terberger, and Jürgen Vollbrecht


Volume 16, No. 1

Hunting and scavenging by early humans: the state of the debate

Manuel Domínguez-Rodrigo

High-tech foragers?  Folsom and later Paleoindian technology on the Great Plains

Douglas B. Bamforth


Volume 16, No. 2

Cattle before crops: the beginnings of food production in Africa

Fiona Marshall and Elisabeth Hildebrand

Moche politics, religion, and warfare

Jeffrey Quilter


Volume 16, No. 3

Human responses to changing environments in Central Africa between 40,000 and 12,000 BP

Els Cornelissen

Orinoquia: the archaeology of the Orinoco River Basin

Rafael A. Gassón


Volume 16, No. 4

Clovis hunting and large mammal extinction: a critical review of the evidence

Donald K. Grayson and David J. Meltzer

Foraging, farming, and social complexity in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic of the southern Levant: a review and synthesis

Ian Kuijt and Nigel Goring-Morris


Volume 17, No. 1

Archaeological evidence for the emergence of language, symbolism and music: an alternative multidisciplinary perspective

Francesco d’Errico, Christopher Henshilwood, Graeme Lawson, Marian Vanhaeren, Anne-Marie Tillier, Marie Soressi, Frédérique Bresson, Bruno Maureille, April Nowell, Joseba Lakarra, Lucinda Backwell and Michèle Julien

The Middle Paleolithic of the Caucasus

Liubov V. Golovanova and Vladimir B Doronichev


Volume 17, No. 2

The Lower Paleolithic of the Arabian Peninsula: occupations, adaptations, and dispersals

Michael D. Petraglia

One hundred years of archaeology in Niger

Anne C. Haour


Volume 17, No. 3

The Neolithic of the Central Mediterranean: a review

Caroline Malone


Volume 17, No. 4

The Middle Paleolithic of the East Mediterranean Levant

John J. Shea

The early development of pastoralism in the central Zagros Mountains

Kamyar Abdi



Volume 18, No. 1 (2004)

The prehistory of the Tibetan Plateau to the seventh century A.D.: perspectives and research from China and the West since 1950

Mark Aldenderfer and Zhang Yinong

Technological and Cultural Change Among the Last Hunter-Gatherers of the Maghreb: The Capsian (10,000 B.P. to 6000 B.P.)

Noura Rahmani


Volume 18, No. 2

An alternative way towards food production: the perspective from the Libyan Sahara

Elena A. A. Garcea

Deglaciation and colonization: pioneer settlements in northern Fennoscandia

Ingela Berman, Anders Olofsson, Gerger Hörnberg, Olle Zackrisson and Erik Hellberg


Volume 18, No. 3

Beyond boundaries: nature, culture and a holistic approach to domestication in the Levant

Marc Verhoeven


Volume 18, No. 4

Early Neolithic Agriculture in the Iberian Peninsula

Lydia Zapata Peña, Leonor Peña-Chocarro, Guillem Pérez Jordá, and Hans-Peter Stika

Resource Intensification and Resource Depression in the Pacific Northwest of North America: a Zooarchaeological Review

Virginia L. Butler and Sarah K. Campbell


Volume 19, No. 1 (2005)

Assessment of the southern dispersal: GIS-based analyses of potential routes at oxygen isotope stage 4

Julie S. Field and Marta Mirazón Lahr

The archaeology of the Plateau of northwestern North America during the late prehistoric period (3500-200 B.P.): evolution of hunting and gathering societies

William C. Prentiss, James C. Chatters, Michael Lenert, David S. Clarke and Robert C. O’Boyle


Volume 19, No. 2

Getting “Out of Africa”: sea crossings, land crossings and culture in the hominin migrations

Robin Derricourt

Four millennia of cultural history in Nigeria (ca. 2000 B.C.-A.D. 1900): archaeological perspectives

Akinwumi Ogundiran


Volume 19, No. 3

From Pleistocene mariners to complex hunter-gatherers: the archaeology of the California Channel Islands

Torben C. Rick, Jon M. Erlandson, René L. Vellanoweth and Todd J. Braje


Volume 19, No. 4

Prometheus unbound: southern Caucasia in prehistory

Adam T. Smith