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My Research

Non-technical overview: Quantum field theory is an enormously powerful framework for understanding a huge range of phenomena in nature, ranging from condensed-matter systems one can explore in table-top experiments, to the high-energy particle physics explored in huge particle colliders, to the behavior of stars studied by astronomers. The basic goal of my work is to find ways to understand the behavior of quantum field theories when they are in `non-perturbative regimes'. A non-perturbative regime is just a term for the (unfortunately common) situation where our standard ways of studying quantum field theory don't work effectively. A famous example from particle and nuclear physics is furnished by QCD, the mathematical description of the behavior of quarks and gluons, where the most interesting parts of the physics are described by the non-perturbative regime of the theory. So my research program is aimed of developing tools to understand difficult quantum field theories, such as QCD, and to applying those tools to learn about interesting physical phenomena.

For experts: The most in-depth way to get an idea of my research is to look at my papers, which are collected in the INSPIRE-HEP database, and also on Google Scholar. My research statement provides a guided tour of some of my research program as well as an outlook for the future. Finally, some recent projects are highlighted on the talks page.

Credit: Nobel Prize Committee 2004