The idea for 2010 Year of Cataloging Research began with the ALCTS Implementation Task Group on the Library of Congress Working Group Report, On the Record. Two of the recommendations from On the Record that ALCTS wanted to pursue were in Section 5, the section devoted to strengthening the LIS profession and they include:

5.1.22. Through library and information science and continuing education, foster a greater understanding of the need for research, both quantitative and qualitative, into issues of bibliographic control. Work to develop a stronger and more rigorous culture of formal evaluation, critique, and validation, and build a cumulative research agenda and evidence base. Encourage, highlight, reward and share best research practices and results.

Research on bibliographic control and, specifically, on cataloging, catalogs, and catalog use is desperately needed. We are at a crossroads in the library cataloging world, in many different ways, and research can help us make the critical decisions we need to make to move forward.

Issues and questions that could be addressed in future research: