Dimensions: H:36'' x W:24'', 36'' or 48''. All posters must be 36 in. tall. Acceptable widths are 24 in., 36 in. or 48 in.

Please hang posters before the reception on Wednesday, June 19th at 6:00 pm.

Poster presenters are asked to be available to discuss their posters at 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 20th.


Paper sessions are 90 minutes in length. Each session includes between three to six presentations. Presenters in sessions with fewer presentations may choose to present for a longer period of time. In general, presentation should be kept to no more than 15 minutes.

All rooms will be equipped with computers and projectors. You may use any form of media (e.g. PowerPoint) if you choose to do so.

Presenters are asked to arrive at their assigned meeting rooms 10 to 15 minutes ahead of their presentations to facilitate loading of digital materials. Please bring digital presentations on CDs, DVDs or removable drives.