Anton V. Andreev
Associate Professor, Ph.D. MIT 1996.
phone: 206-543-3901
Office: B425


Research interests

My research interests focus on electron physics in  low-dimensional systems, such as quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots. Electron-electron interaction leads to a number of fascinating fenomena in these systems, such as the formation of Luttinger liquid one-dimensional systems  the Coulomb blockade of electron transport in quantum dots. I am also interested in the physics of disorder both in quantum and classical systems.

1999 A. P. Sloan Fellowship
1999 David and Lucille Packard Fellowship
1999 NSF CAREER award

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A. Andreev and A. Kamenev, "Counting Statistics of an Adiabatic Pump"
A. Kamenev and A. Andreev, "Electron-electron interactions in disordered metals: Keldysh formalism"
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O. Agam, B. L. Altshuler, and A. V. Andreev, "Spectral Statistics: From Disordered to Chaotic Systems"
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