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Example Results from Research

Cardiac PET/CT Attenuation Correction

Coronal views of cardiac PET/CT acquisition for assessment of myocardial perfusion.  Left column demonstrates common artifact from mismatched attenuation correction.  Right column shows images after proposed automatic correction method based on ensuring Radon consistency in PET data. (Alessio, PE Kinahan, K Champley, J Caldwell, "Attenuation-Emission Alignment in Cardiac PET/CT Based on Consistency Conditions," Medical Physics, vol 37:3, pp 1191-1200, 2010. website.)

Visualization of absolute flow

Visualization of absolute regional myocardial blood flow estimates derived from dynamic cardiac PET imaging at rest and stress states. Uses software (UW-QPP) developed at the University of Washington for processing and visualization of dynamic PET data. Alessio, Caldwell, Butterworth, Bassingthwaighte.

Example PET PSF Reconstruction
Coronal view of whole-body FDG exam reconstructed with OSEM+LOR (top row) and OSEM+LOR+PSF (bottom row). Images presented after 4 iterations, 28 subsets with no post filter (column 1), 3.5mm post filter (column 2), and 7mm post filter (column 3). (Alessio, CW Stearns, S Tong, SG Ross, S Kohlmyer, A Ganin, PE Kinahan, "Application and Evaluation of a Measured Spatially Variant System Model for PET Image Reconstruction," IEEE Trans on Medical Imaging, vol. 29:3, 2010, pp. 938-949. website)

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